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Nitreo Instagram Growth Review (2024) – Automated Instagram Growth Agency

Nitreo is a growth agency that specializes in Instagram marketing, offering services to individuals and businesses aiming to accelerate their follower growth on the platform. They boast about helping users organically build their Instagram followers, expand their reach, and establish their brand. However, a thorough evaluation of their service reveals some potential drawbacks.


How Nitreo Works:

Nitreo’s growth strategy is mainly based on an automated Follow/Unfollow feature. The agency’s technology follows other Instagram accounts, guided by client preferences such as niche, location, or interests. The strategy is based on the premise that a number of the followed accounts will reciprocate the action, thereby increasing the client’s follower count. To keep a balanced following-to-follower ratio, Nitreo unfollows those accounts after some time.


Moreover, Nitreo’s system also interacts with targeted accounts by auto-liking and commenting on their posts. This is done to increase visibility and create a sense of community, encouraging more users to follow the client’s account.

Pricing & Packages:

Nitreo uses a two-tier pricing model: the Essential Plan and the Speed Plan. The Essential Plan costs $49 monthly, $39 per month semi-annually, or $29 per month annually. It offers features like fast organic growth, essential targeting, standard support, and a speed limit. 


The Speed Plan is priced at $79 monthly, $63 per month semi-annually, or $47 per month annually. This plan includes all features of the Essential Plan plus story viewing, comment liking, location targeting, advanced settings, and priority support. Notably, Nitreo does not offer a free trial for either of these plans.

Pros & Cons:


Nitreo offers an Instagram Engagement Calculator and an Instagram Hashtag Generator. The Engagement Calculator helps users understand how well their content resonates with their audience by measuring likes, comments, and shares. The Hashtag Generator assists in discovering relevant and trending hashtags, which can enhance the visibility of posts.



Despite its potential benefits, Nitreo has some concerning aspects. The most notable is its low Trustpilot rating of 1.8, which raises questions about the reliability of their services. Additionally, Nitreo’s use of automation may breach Instagram’s strict guidelines, possibly leading to penalties like action restrictions or account suspension.

Testimonials on Nitreo’s website also raise red flags due to the use of stock photos and non-existent usernames, damaging their credibility. Moreover, Nitreo does not offer a free trial, forcing potential users to pay upfront without testing the service.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit suggest that many users have had negative experiences with Nitreo. Complaints range from billing issues to dissatisfaction with the service itself. Users have criticized Nitreo for following unrelated accounts, using bots, and providing a dashboard that lacks features.


In conclusion, while Nitreo offers some useful tools, the disadvantages are significant. The low Trustpilot score, automation, questionable testimonials, and absence of a free trial are key issues to consider. Potential users should carefully evaluate these cons against the pros before deciding to use Nitreo’s Instagram growth service.

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