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Flock Social Review (2023) – Is Flock Social Worth Your Time and Money?

Flock Social claims to offer a personalized approach to growing your Instagram account and promises real results. However, some critics argue that the company uses deceptive marketing tactics and automated bots or other shady practices to artificially inflate their clients’ follower counts. We’ll examine the legitimacy of Flock Social’s claims, the methods they employ, and the potential risks involved.



How Flock Social Works:

Flock Social uses the follow/unfollow method and advanced AI technology to grow its clients’ accounts. However, this method of automatic engagement is forbidden by Instagram, and there is no AI that can pass Instagram’s detection algorithms. While Flock Social claims to provide organic growth without bots or fake followers, their use of automation and AI raises concerns about the authenticity of their services and the potential risk to their clients’ accounts.

Pricing & Packages:

Flock Social offers two pricing plans: “Instagram Rising Star” at $49 per month and “Instagram as a Business” at $99 per month. While these plans seem attractive, there have been complaints about their effectiveness.

Pros & Cons:

Pros of Flock Social include a modern, user-friendly website and clear communication about their services and pricing. However, there are several cons that need to be highlighted. These include bugs in the targeting functionality, adding fake followers to clients’ accounts, weak customer support, inconsistency in claims about the number of managed accounts, and providing false information in articles and case studies. Customers have also reported difficulty in canceling their subscriptions.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have shared negative experiences with Flock Social, such as receiving fake followers, poor targeting, weak customer support, and being unable to cancel their subscriptions. Some users have even reported being banned from Instagram after using Flock Social’s services.


In conclusion, while Flock Social has a well-designed website and clear communication about its services, potential clients should be aware of the risks involved before signing up for any of its plans. The use of automated bots, advanced AI technology, and the follow/unfollow method raises questions about the authenticity of the growth provided by Flock Social. Customers have reported issues with fake followers, poor targeting, and weak customer support, among other concerns.


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