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Upleap Instagram Growth Review (2024) – Is It Worth the Investment?

As part of our Instagram marketing service series, we’ve put Upleap under the microscope to see if it’s worth your time and money. Upleap is an Instagram growth agency that claims to offer organic growth without the use of bots or fake accounts. However, our in-depth review suggests that their services might not be as genuine as they claim.

How Upleap Works:

The exact methods Upleap uses to achieve growth are unclear, as their website provides little information about their process. While they claim not to use bots, they do admit to using some form of automation, which raises concerns about their compliance with Instagram’s guidelines.

Pricing & Packages:

Upleap offers a Standard plan at $69/month and a currently unavailable Premium plan. The Standard plan includes features such as organic Instagram growth, real followers and engagement, and influencer targeting. However, many of these features seem to be nonexistent or ineffective for clients.

Pros & Cons:

There are a few pros to Upleap’s services, such as their 25% recurring commission on their affiliate program and a 10-day free trial. However, these benefits might not outweigh the risks associated with their practices.

Several cons to Upleap’s services have been identified, including numerous customer complaints of receiving fake followers, poor targeting, and account bans. Their unresponsive customer service, lack of social media presence, and fake collaborations with well-known brands further cast doubt on their legitimacy.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews have been largely negative, with many reporting fake followers and poor engagement. Some even experienced account bans and difficulties with customer service when attempting to cancel or seek refunds.


In conclusion, our review suggests that Upleap’s Instagram growth services may not be worth the investment. Their lack of transparency and questionable practices cast doubt on their claims of providing organic growth. With numerous customer complaints and a general lack of professionalism, we recommend exploring other alternatives for Instagram growth.

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