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SocialBoost Instagram Growth Review (2024) – Is this just a scam?

SocialBoost is an Instagram growth agency that claims to provide organic growth without bots or fake accounts. They offer a range of digital marketing services, including Instagram growth, content creation, digital advertising, and SEO. However, their legitimacy has been called into question. In this article review, we’ll explore SocialBoost’s services and evaluate their claims.



How SocialBoost Works:

SocialBoost assigns a dedicated growth expert to each account, focusing on attracting Instagram followers with similar interests. They use customized targeting, requiring clients to provide accounts in their niche, relevant hashtags, and locations. The growth manager then engages with followers of these accounts by liking, following, and unfollowing them.

Pricing & Packages:

SocialBoost offers three pricing plans: Basic ($59/month), Premium ($99/month), and Turbocharged ($249/month). Each plan offers varying levels of targeting, management, and support. It’s crucial to consider a company’s credibility before committing to their services.

Pros & Cons:

SocialBoost provides an AI-powered Instagram growth calculator that gives users an idea of their potential growth, and assigns a dedicated account manager to each client for personalized Instagram growth.

SocialBoost has several red flags, including the use of fake followers and likes, poor customer support with slow response times and no live chat, broken links on their website, false advertising of services, bad targeting that wastes clients’ money and damages their account reputation, fake testimonials, and an inaccurate case study that harms the credibility of the service. As a result, it’s crucial to exercise caution and carefully evaluate any service provider before committing to their services. It’s recommended to explore other reputable Instagram growth agencies with proven track records of delivering real and targeted followers.

Customer Reviews:

We found mixed feedback on Trustpilot and Reddit. Some customers reported poor customer service, ineffective targeting, lack of a dashboard, and concerns about being scammed. Others complained about the site adding bot followers and lying about their growth.


While SocialBoost promises organic and authentic growth, several red flags should be considered before using their services. Issues with fake followers, poor targeting, subpar customer support, broken links, and fake testimonials create a lack of trust. Additionally, their inaccurate case study harms their credibility. It’s crucial to carefully evaluate any service provider, and it’s recommended to explore other reputable Instagram growth agencies with proven track records of delivering real and targeted followers.


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