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Ampfluence Instagram Growth Review (2024) – A Closer Look at Ampfluence

With Instagram becoming an essential platform for businesses and individuals to promote their brands, products, and services, there’s been a surge in agencies that claim to boost Instagram growth. One such agency is Ampfluence, which claims to provide organic growth through 100% human-powered techniques. However, not all growth agencies deliver on their promises, and many resort to shady tactics like buying fake followers or using bots to inflate engagement rates. In this article, we examine Ampfluence’s services and methods to determine if they are a reliable and trustworthy Instagram growth agency.

How Ampfluence Works:

Ampfluence claims to use manual targeting and engagement services like likes and comments to grow clients’ accounts. However, customer feedback suggests that they might use bots for targeting, and some clients have reported receiving fake followers and even being shadowbanned by Instagram. These issues raise concerns about Ampfluence’s methods and their adherence to Instagram’s terms of service.

Pricing & Packages:

Ampfluence’s pricing plans are expensive for the services they offer, with the most affordable plan costing $249 per month for only 250 targeted followers. Considering the customer complaints and issues, it seems that Ampfluence is charging too much for their services.

Pros & Cons:

While Ampfluence offers some positive features, like audience targeting and a well-designed website, there are significant drawbacks. They lack support services like live chat and are not transparent about their custom-designed post images. Furthermore, they have a history of using fake testimonials, blocking and banning Instagram accounts, and not offering full refunds.

Customer Reviews:

Reviews on Ampfluence’s services are scarce, and those found online are questionable. One customer’s negative experience highlights issues with the service, such as ineffective unfollowing, leading to red flags on Instagram and lowered engagement rates. The customer also faced difficulties in obtaining a refund.


Our investigation into Ampfluence raises serious concerns about their claims of providing organic growth. Reports of bot usage, fake followers, expensive pricing plans, lack of support services, and transparency issues are red flags. We do not recommend using Ampfluence’s services, as their methods could ultimately harm clients’ accounts, and their promises of organic growth may not be genuine.

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