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SimplyGram Instagram Growth Review (2024) – An Instagram Growth Service Examined

SimplyGram is an Instagram growth service that claims to offer substantial increases in Instagram followers through AI-powered optimization, all while ensuring compliance with Instagram’s Terms of Service. They claim to offer a hands-off, ‘Set It – Forget It’ technology, allowing users to grow their followers while focusing on other tasks. This review will delve into SimplyGram’s services, scrutinizing their claims and assessing user experiences to provide a balanced viewpoint.

How SimplyGram Works:

SimplyGram operates based on users specifying their target audience by providing relevant Instagram accounts and hashtags. An assigned dedicated account manager helps ensure newly gained followers align with this specified audience. 

Their method, called the Mother/Child method, sets up between 25 and 100 Instagram accounts (depending on your package) that reach out to potential followers. They send messages introducing your main account to hundreds of people daily, directing traffic to your profile.

It’s essential to be aware of the risks of heavy reliance on automation, which can potentially violate Instagram’s ‘inauthentic behavior’ guidelines and lead to penalties or account suspension.

Pricing & Packages:

SimplyGram offers three plans: the ‘Individual’ plan at $69 weekly, ‘Influencer’ package at $99 weekly, and the ‘Pro’ package at $199 weekly. Each plan promises different levels of accelerated growth, with more premium plans offering higher traffic from numerous Instagram accounts. All the packages include a 3-day free trial.

Pros & Cons:


The main advantages include the 3-day free trial across all packages and a blog section on their website, full of tips and strategies for Instagram growth and engagement. The free trial provides an insight into the workings and potential benefits of their services before committing financially.



One glaring concern is their use of the Mother/Child method and ‘AI-Powered Optimization’, both of which contradict Instagram’s Terms of Service. They potentially lead to account suspension due to inauthentic behavior. The apparent fabrication of testimonials on their website also raises serious concerns about the authenticity of the service and credibility of the company. Another negative aspect is the lack of live chat support and reports of delivering bot followers instead of real, organic ones.

Customer Reviews:

Customer feedback from platforms like Trustpilot is majorly negative, with reports of unauthorized transactions post-cancellation, deceitful practices, and failure to deliver organic followers as promised. Testimonials suggest the company lacks integrity in their business practices and might pose financial and reputational risks.



Despite the enticing promise of rapid Instagram growth, SimplyGram’s services come with potential risks and drawbacks that demand careful consideration. While the idea of AI-powered optimization might be appealing, the company’s practices raise significant concerns regarding their adherence to Instagram’s policies. The mixed-to-negative customer experiences highlight potential issues in their approach. Therefore, thorough research and scrutiny are crucial before subscribing to such a growth service.

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