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Kicksta Instagram Growth Review (2024) – Does it still work? Or is it a scam?

Is Kicksta Working in 2023?

Instagram has evolved into a crucial platform for businesses to showcase their brand and products to a vast audience. Companies are turning to Instagram growth services, such as Kicksta, to expand their reach and gain more followers. Kicksta claims to provide pure organic growth powered by cutting-edge AI technology, without any spam, fake followers, or bots. In this article, we will analyze Kicksta’s services, examining its methods, reviews, and results, to determine if it can help you achieve your Instagram growth goals.

How Kicksta Works


Kicksta engages with the followers of its clients’ target accounts and likes around 10,000 photos each month to increase engagement and followers. However, concerns about automation and over-liking raise questions about the genuineness of the organic growth Kicksta promises. Instagram’s algorithms can detect suspicious activity, which could result in a user’s account being flagged or banned.




Kicksta offers three pricing plans: Standard ($49/month), Premium ($99/month), and Pro ($218/month). The Standard plan allows 10 target accounts for moderate growth but lacks email support, advanced targeting, and blacklisting. The Premium plan offers up to 40 Instagram targets for faster growth and additional features. The Pro plan guarantees a minimum of 1,200 new followers per month. Note that Kicksta does not offer a free trial.


Pros & Cons


Kicksta offers a hashtag generator tool that can increase brand visibility and has clear and straightforward pricing plans with no hidden fees. The comprehensive FAQ section is also a helpful resource for users.

Kicksta has limited control over the content liked on behalf of clients, and the lack of a free trial may deter some users from signing up. Live customer support is only available for Premium and Pro plan subscribers, and negative customer reviews report unsatisfactory experiences with customer support. Frequent Instagram login issues and the use of automation may also violate Instagram’s terms of service. Additionally, Kicksta only focuses on overall follower growth and does not prioritize post engagement, and the service only accepts credit cards for payment.


Customer Reviews


Reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, and G2 indicate overwhelmingly negative experiences with Kicksta’s service. Customers report poor results, bot-like activity, and difficulties with customer support.




While Kicksta offers some advantages, such as its hashtag generator tool and clear pricing plans, the service has significant drawbacks. Concerns about automation, lack of control over the content liked on behalf of clients, and the absence of a free trial make Kicksta a risky investment. Additionally, limited customer support and negative customer reviews suggest that Kicksta may not deliver the promised organic growth. Users should approach this service with caution and consider other options.

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