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Path Social Instagram Growth Review (2024) – Yes. It’s A Scam.

Path Social Instagram Growth Review – Is It A Scam? (Yes)

Path Social is an Instagram growth service claiming to use AI targeting, hashtagging, and other related services to organically grow clients’ accounts. However, their authenticity has come under question due to their low Trustpilot rating and numerous negative customer reviews. Users have reported receiving fake followers, lack of real engagement, and unsatisfactory customer support.

The service claims to work by targeting the right audience for the user’s account, interacting with the audience, and promoting the user’s account. However, the process seems to rely on Instagram bots, which can’t guarantee the quality of the followers. Users have reported receiving followers who don’t engage with their content and have no interest in their niche.


Path Social offers two pricing plans: Instagram Core ($49/month) and Instagram Elite ($69/month). Although they claim to provide users with up to 3,500 new followers per month, our review found these promises to be unrealistic. Many users have reported receiving fake followers with stolen profile photos, and there are no positive reviews of Path Social on platforms like Reddit or Instagram.


There are some pros to Path Social, such as its secure site, transparent pricing, and beginner-friendly dashboard. However, the cons far outweigh the benefits. The platform lacks a free trial or package, has limited account management options, and faces accusations of providing fake followers and using fake influencers for promotion.


Customer reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit paint a concerning picture of Path Social’s offerings. Users have reported receiving only a fraction of the promised followers, most of whom are fake and inactive accounts. Poor customer service and response times have also been reported.


In conclusion, our review of Path Social shows that it is not a reliable option for growing your Instagram account. The service is plagued by fake followers, negative reviews, and subpar customer support. Instead, we advise looking for a reputable and trustworthy Instagram growth service that focuses on genuine, organic growth and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


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